Make A Difference Academy




For Teachers
The Make A Difference Academy specializes in providing education, growth and inspiration for yoga and group fitness teachers from a holistic perspective. Teachers have a unique and powerful platform on which they can stand to positively impact the world around them in a huge way. This is a BIG deal to us…and we want to help.

MADA was founded by Kimberly Spreen-Glick, who has spent the last 25+ years of her life teaching fitness, yoga and personal development – both to students AND teachers through classes, conferences, workshops and intensives. She created MADA because it was time to truly pay it forward by sharing what she’s learned on her journey that will help others love themselves, be themselves and live a more fulfilled, inspired life. MADA is on the forefront of the evolution of an industry. The time has come.

Our goal is to be able to meet teachers where they are on all levels to best support their success and fulfillment…to be the Difference Makers they were born to be.

Through both professional and personal development, we help teachers stand confidently in their power to make a greater difference in the lives of their students…and in themselves.

We help teachers live and teach in the fullness of who they really are so the world can benefit from their gifts, their talent, their light.

Are you a yoga or group fitness teacher? If so, hopefully you’ve joined the Make A Difference Academy community FB group. If not, click here now!

There is an amazing, uplifting community of amazing, passionate, heart-led teachers here and they’re waiting for you to join then engage to add your own insight, experience and inspiration to the tribe!

For Everyone
We also provide education and inspiration as well as host life-changing events for all you Difference Makers on the planet. Teachers are necessary leaders and healers but they’re not the only ones…

Are you a life or wellness coach? a healer? a personal trainer? a manager? a mom? a dad?

Make no mistake – you’re a Difference Maker.

The world needs each and every one of us to step into a leadership role in one way or another

We both invite and welcome you to join our Inspired Life adventure in any way that would best support you on your journey.

Check out our events section to see what we have coming up!